To Our Current Patients and Our Local Community:

We wanted to give you all a current update on our clinic, and the current concerns we all face.  As of right now, we are remaining OPEN. Our doctors and our massage therapists continue to see patients and are honored to serve our community during this time. The health and safety of our patients and team are our top priorities. With the recent developments in the spread of COVID-19, we wanted to take a moment to explain the steps we are taking to protect our patients, our team and the community:

  • We have always followed the latest infection control guidelines and use universal precautions in the clinic.
  • We are committed to following the latest guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), World Health Organization (WHO) and the Texas Department of Health and Social Services to help prevent the spread of illness in Texas.
  • We continue to focus on the utmost cleanliness of our reception area and treatment rooms, and have increased our surface sanitization of tables, chairs, door knobs and bathroom faucet handles etc throughout the day.
  • Treatment rooms and tables are fully sanitized between each patient.
  • We have placed additional emphasis on the importance of handwashing (20 seconds or more) and the consistent use of hand sanitizer. Doctors and therapists wash their hands for at minimum 20 seconds between each patient
  • Employees are staying home when sick. Any employee who is sick at work is sent home.
  • All of our staff has their temperature checked prior to the work day and is practicing self-hygiene including hand and arm washing after and before each patient.
  • If you prefer to wait in your car instead of the waiting room, please call our office upon arrival and the front desk will check you in and will call you when the doctor is ready for you. Upon entering the clinic, you will be allowed to go immediately to the restroom to wash your hands and then go to the doctor's room.
  • At this point, only patients will be allowed into treatment rooms and the therapy area unless there are special circumstances approved by the Doctors.
  • If you or a family member is currently experiencing any cold or flu-like symptoms (fever, body aches, sore throat, runny nose, cough, upper respiratory issues) please contact our office at (512-491-7772) to reschedule your appointment and seek medical attention by first calling your primary care provider or the local ER.


Patients Staying Informed and Healthy:

  • Follow the CDC, WHO, Texas recommendations and mandates.
  • Practice social distancing: Avoid gathering in groups of 10 people or more, maintain a 6 foot distance between other people, avoid going to the grocery store during peak hours.
  • Get outside! We are lucky to live in such a beautiful state with access to so much space!
  • Eat well balanced meals and exercise.
  • We recommend Zinc, Quercetin, vit D, Elderberry, Conga Plex
  • Social distancing does not mean social isolation: Check in on friends and relatives by calling, FaceTiming, or other social media.

We encourage everyone to stay informed and follow the recommendations of local health authorities.

We are staying open for two reasons:

One, to continue to serve our current patients we know are in need.

Two, to provide relief on our hospital and urgent cares for musculoskeletal pain. Our hospitals, urgent cares, and other medical offices are overwhelmed with sick patients. We are able to, in many cases, manage musculoskeletal issues. If we feel that further imaging or referral is necessary we will of course do so. We need to allow our medical centers and hospitals to put all energy and resources into dealing with severe cases, and of course patients whom are showing symptoms of COVID-19.

Looking into our future:

  • We are also working at this time on implementing Tele-Health Services. Patients will be able schedule a time for rehab exercise instruction and injury counseling with one of our doctors for an evaluation by Zoom. We will update you as soon as implementation is complete.
  • We are also looking into Red Light Therapy as an option for our patients over all wellness, pain and inflammation relief, fitness and performance recovery etc.. 

We are here for you and we are honored to serve our community during this time and will continue to update you as pertinent. We know this is a difficult time for everyone, and we care about our patients as they are our family. Please keep a positive attitude, eat well and exercise. Continue with your stretches and rehabilitation programs as prescribed. If you have any questions please call (512-491-7772), text (512-817-3600) or email the office (

In Health,



For additional trusted resources about COVID-19, we recommend these websites. We will monitor and update the list as the situation evolves.



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