Upper Back Pain

Upper Back Pain Causes and Treatment

Back pain is something that we will all most likely deal with at some point or other. For those in the Austin area, Performance Wellness is a great option that will help you to both diagnose and treat your upper back pain.


What Causes Upper Back Pain?

There are a huge range of things that can cause upper back pain. Upper back pain is typically classified as pain that is located in the upper part of the back between the shoulder blades, the neck, or even the shoulders. This is pain that is persistent and that can make it difficult to do things like sit, walk, or even work. Upper back pain can be caused by your posture when you sit, the career that you hold, or even by targeted injury to the area.

Some common symptoms you might look for are sharp pains in the upper back, trouble sitting for long periods of time, trouble laying down or finding a comfortable sleeping position, and upper back pain can also cause other body aches and pains that can make life very difficult.

How Can a Chiropractor Help?

For those that are dealing with upper back pain, there are a range of different treatments that can help you to feel better and to really get to a better place. A chiropractor is able to help you to get your pain under control, then relieve it and get you back to working or living your life. One treatment that is very helpful is active release therapy. This is a therapy that can be performed by your chiropractor to help release the entrapment of nerves and to relieve some of the pressure that might be causing your upper back pain.

Targeted treatment of back pain is the best way to get it under control and to make sure that your body is able to perform properly and feel great. For those that have pain or that are dealing with upper back pain, a chiropractor can help diagnose your pain and then help to treat it properly so that it does not come back and that it does not get worse or further interfere with your life.

For those in the Austin area, Performance Wellness is a wonderful option. Contact us to set up an appointment or to learn more about what services we offer. We want to help you feel better, contact us today!

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