Conditions Treated

Conditions Treated at Performance Wellness

At Performance Wellness, our goal is to make sure that everyone in the Austin area has access to a comprehensive, holistic healthcare experience. That is where the experience of our chiropractic team comes into play. We seek to help everyone not only treat their symptoms, but also eliminate the root cause of their condition. That is why we have expanded our treatment services to include a wide variety of injuries. Take a look at some of the common conditions we treat below.

Conditions Treated at Performance Wellness

At Performance Wellness, we take great pride in the various conditions we treat. Some of the most common problems we see include:

Back Pain: Back pain is one of the most common reasons why people come to see us. We see plenty of people who come in with muscle overuse injuries, such as paraspinal muscle tenderness. We can use chiropractic manipulations to help people with this issue. We also see more specialized conditions, such as a herniated disc or a pinched nerve. In this situation, we can use spinal decompression to alleviate pressure on nerves and discs, helping people enjoy pain relief. Finally, we also see people with ligament sprains and compression fractures in their backs. We can treat these injuries as well.

Neck Pain: Neck pain is another common issue a chiropractor in our office can treat. Neck pain can be due to whiplash following a motor vehicle accident, which is a strain of the upper cervical ligaments. We use chiropractic manipulations to help people with neck pain. We also use spinal decompression to help people who might have a pinched nerve somewhere in their necks. Our chiropractor team also helps people work on their posture while sleeping and sitting, preventing neck pain from coming back.

Headaches: Tension headaches are commonly described as feeling like a vice wrapped around a person's head. We use chiropractic adjustments to free the muscles in the scalp, providing effective treatment for tension headaches. We even treat migraine headaches, which are commonly accompanied by nausea and vomiting. Migraine headaches can be debilitating. However, adjustments and manipulations are useful to help people alter the flow of blood throughout their heads, alleviating migraines.

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At Performance Wellness in Austin, these are only a few of the many conditions we can treat. We would be happy to leverage these services to help you as well. If you would like to learn more about how a chiropractor from our office can help you, please call us today at 512-491-7772 to make an appointment. We would be honored to help you.

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