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COMMIT to the PW Club 

$79.95 Monthly 

*(start today and your month is considered from today till same day next month)

What is included in your PW Club Membership:

Every month you earn One Hour massage BENEFIT (60 minute massage session)  

  • 20% discount on all supplements and other products
  • No Contracts (just hope you want to commit to your health)
  • Your friends and family can use for a $10 transfer fee per service
  • Earn Free Service with REFERRALS - 1/2 hour upgrade for each friend that enrolls in the Performance Club!
  • Rollover Sessions - if you don't use your monthly session you will accrue them or share them (don't forget its a $10 transfer fee) YOU DON'T LOSE THEM

*Added BONUS because you are in the PW Club you will also receive Member Rates at Champion Performance and Recovery (Cryotherapy, Compression Boots, Aspen Laser, Red Light Therapy, PEMF, EWOT etc....)

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Lastly PAY IN FULL Commitment Program (THE BEST OPTION)

  • PAY $840 for your YEAR (if you start today it will end one year from now!)
  • Access to twelve one hour massages immediately and when you run out you pay at the additional rate $54.95 for an hour massage for the rest of your PAID year
  • Enjoy all the benefits for the rest of the PAID year

Each additional within the month is ONLY!

  • $29.95 for a half hour massage
  • $54.95 for an hour massage 

Compare to regular pricing --
Half hour massage: $55
One hour massage: $110

*Cancellation Policy - you can cancel your appointment without charge up to 24 hours proceeding your appointment - same day cancellations $45 charge per hour massage 

Memberships are based on monthly commitments . All Memberships are based on monthly auto/credit debit or annual pre-pay. All memberships are non-transferable. ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS. All massage services are rendered by a Licensed Massage Therapist.

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