Success Stories

  • "We took our infant son to Performance Wellness for Craniosacral Therapy with Adelyn Botto after he had been suffering from night terrors and constipation. We were trying everything we could to find relief for our child; our pediatrician said it was normal, but we did not feel the same. Adelyn was warm and explained to us what she was doing with Owen and why. She followed his lead while asking us questions about his birth and our lives together. We didn't think much about his birth and how it could have affected him, but after speaking with Adelyn we began to understand the possible impact being in the birth canal for over three hours could have on him. He seemed at ease throughout the session and Adelyn was flexible with him as he moved around on the table and from the table to me. The session flew by as we spoke with Adelyn and our son did his thing, it was a warm, inviting environment. Adelyn answered all of our questions and heard us as we spoke with her, her explanations were technical yet we understood what she shared with us. We left the session with homework, follow our son's lead at home, and have not had difficulty with constipation or night terrors since our session with Adelyn. We didn't want our son on medicine daily and did not feel comfortable saying that his issues were normal for an infant. I'm glad we trusted our instincts and saw Adelyn; we will definitely go back in the future.
    Dr. Sellers
    I wanted to say thanks! I was in so much pain yesterday, I couldn't buckle my seatbelt. You worked on my back in the still hurt in the evening and I was skeptical that it was going to get any better, but when I woke up the pain was gone! I'm liberated! Thanks so much!"
  • "Dear Chris, As you probably know by now, I've competed my Coeur d'Alene Ironman. I'm happy to report that I not only finished (my primary goal), but I also managed to reach my stretch goal of 12 hours and 30 minutes(12:24:20). While I didn't get a call to join the elite folks in Kona for the Championship, I did far better than I hoped or expected. Thank you for your contribution to help me reach my Ironman goal. It is hard to put into words what this experience meant to me. For over a year I was in a personal "Ironman cocoon" Where so much of what I thought about, dreamed about and planned for was Ironman Coeur d'Alene. It was a wide range of new experiences and feelings that kept me in a perpetual state of exhilaration and terror. I know that I was just one person you came into contact with during your job but to me you were a special part of my life; a really remarkable time when I was pushing myself beyond what I thought I could accomplish. When i crossed the finish like and the emotional waves rolled over me, one of the first things I felt was a tremendous sense of gratitude and thanks to the many people who helped me. Ironman is far from an individual event; the race may be a solo event but I was brought through each stage because of the help you gave me. Chris, you do magic. I had serious doubts that my body would hold up. If not for your help, I would have had no chance to do this race. I'm grateful to Kenneth Betts for recommending your office as the work you did gave me hope and confidence that I would be able to train and then race. I can't that you enough. My first Ironman will be forever lined to the health, confidence and support you and the team provided. Your follow up call after the race also meant a great deal to me. I was surprised and very happy to get it and I wanted to say a special thank you for making the effort to reach me personally. So, thank you again for your support and help. Finishing each stage was exhiliarating and not at all scary. Crossing the finish line was just an amazing experience and I thank you for sharing it with me.
    Best, "
    Erik , 2008
  • "To the staff of Performance Wellness: Thanks to the outstanding healthcare that I recieved over the last eight months, I was able to start, enjoy, and finish my first marathon ever, the 2007 Austin Marathon. After jogging and running for most of my life, it seemed that small and not so small leg problems would preclude me and my 57 year old from ever fulfilling a childhood fantasy of running a marathon. Several friends and running amigos referred me to Performance Wellness last summer after a hamstring issue plagued me for three months. You performed your magic, and I was back on the road again, just like Willie Nelson's song. Two more minor injuries during the 24 week Rogue training regimen pushed me back to you for additional expert, effective care... and back on the road I went. February 18, I was at the starting line, healthy and ready to run. A quick jog south, north, and south again through our beautiful city and there I was at the finish line in a time of 3:53! I had several goals for the day: to finish; to run my perfect race; and to run under 4 hours. No, it wasn't a perfect race for me, but 3:53 put a smile on my face that lasted for a week! Thank you, Dr. Sellers, Dr. Brandie, Katie and Gina
    Sincerely, "
    Ed Tennison, 2007
  • " There are many components within a training program when it comes to getting ready for a marathon or an Ironman Triathlon. Keeping the body healthy and injury free is a major component. Massage is very helpful in working out sore muscles, but when there is a running injury, Performance Wellness is where I go. Austin chiropractors Dr. Chris Sellers and Dr. Brandie Leach of Performance Wellness Center helped make it possible for me to run in the 2004 Motorola Marathon, qualify for and run in the 2005 Boston Marathon, and complete an Ironman Triathlon 9 weeks later. Due to many years of running my primary problem has been plantar fasciitis. Dr. Sellers' use of Active Release Technique (ART) helped heal this condition and further preventative treatment kept me on schedule in my training program.If it had not been for Dr. Sellers, I would not have been able to compete in these events. Dr. Sellers also volunteers at Ironman Triathlons where ART therapists keep the athletes fine tuned on race day.
    Thanks Chris. "

    Jeffrey (Age Group 50-54) Austin, Texas, 2006
  • " Dear Dr. Sellers, Dr. Leach and the staff of Performance Wellness, I want to take a minute to thank-you all for being a part of my life and making my active lifestyle possible! A few years ago at the age of 47, I decided to change from a sedentary middle- aged lady into a triathlete!And, because of the excellent care I receive at Performance Wellness, I've made this goal a reality. I know that when I train or push myself to a new level, Dr. Chris Sellers will fix whatever I've put out-of-sorts! From therapy to adjustments to advice and encouragement, I count on Performance Wellness as an integral part of my training.If I didn't know I could get treatment for what hurts, I would never push myself to train. So thank-you all for your care, encouragement and friendship. My life is so much richer, healthier and more fun because you are a part of it. If it weren't for the advice and skill of the doctors and staff of Performance Wellness, I know I wouldn't be able to proudly say I've so far raced and finished seven triathlons!
    Sincerely, "
    Lynn Sparks
    Age Group 50-55
    • "Performance Wellness has taken such amazing care of Avery and her injuries, without you she would not have achieved her goals that she set for herself this year. She overcame a nasty injury, your Doctors and Therapists worked with her to heal her, not just temporarily fix her. She is stronger and injury free and is having the time of her life playing with the best group of girls. She has never been happier. You and your team have had a huge part of her success. Thank you."
      - Happy Mom 2017
    • "Just wanted to let you know that I have seen Dr. Chris Olson twice and have made six appointments every other day till next Friday. I LOVE him and their process over there! He is a sweetheart, knows his stuff and is excellent at communicating. Sarah has shown me stretches to do for my issues and of course, I am doing them- Thanks for referral!"
      Patient 2017
    • "Performance Wellness is wonderful! Dr. Sellers, Dr. Olson, and Dr. Carter do amazing work. From the various people I have chatted with while in their office, it seems they can handle almost any type of injury or pain. They really know their stuff and can explain it on a level anyone can understand. Once they get the pain taken care of, they do a great job showing what type of rehab and/or exercises need to be done in order to keep your body working the way it is supposed to. I have been to several of their massage therapists and so far, they are all fabulous! Their office staff is friendly and helpful and I am always able to get appointments at the times that work for me. I highly recommend them!"
      Becca K., 2012
    • "Dr. Sellers and Rynice,

      Thank you so much for relieving my back pain and worry during yesterday's visit. For months I had experienced minor back pain and stiffness. However, a week ago that pain notably increased. I was worried about perhaps interrupting my marathon training because of some serious back disorder. Dr. Sellers, you expertly and quickly diagnosed it as a psoas issue, not anything more involved. Your manipulation of the psoas immediately helped. Rynice, your subsequent work on the psoas and other areas provided additional and significant relief from the pain and tightness. This morning when I ran eight miles of hills I felt like a young deer released in a field. I could not believe how well the run went, thanks to both of you. You have my sincere gratitude."
      Curtis Giese, 2011
    • "THANK YOU Dr. Chris Olson for bringing me to the pinnacle of my tennis game in rehabilitating my ankle & tendon injury over the past 2 weeks. I was very fortunate in surviving my 4 singles matches to win my division WOMEN'S 3.0 SINGLES "WINNER" and retain my #1 ranking in Texas. Without your help and expertise I would not have been so fortunate to be "Simply the BEST." Thanks again for all your time & effort!"
      Andrea Martinez Swanson, 2011
    • "Michael Lovato 2010 (Two-Time Ironman Champion)

      Earlier this year, I injured myself while training for an early season Ironman. The first call I made was to Performance Wellness to see Dr. Sellers. With a tight timeframe and the same urgent need to get healthy that everyone feels, I committed to seeing Dr. Sellers twice or three times weekly for the entire month of April and part of May. Dr. Sellers treated me professionally, calmly and with an impressive attention to detail. I am very grateful to Dr. Sellers and his staff for getting me back up and running, and for doing so quickly enough to get me back on the Ironman start line at the end of June. Thanks very much!"
    • "After years of working with physical and massage therapists, acupuncture specialists, even chiropractors, I think I have found the Holy Grail. Well the Wellness Grail.
      Doctors who understand and empathize with athletes who are missing workouts or whose performance is lacking due to injury are an athletes grail.
      The doctors listen with an athlete's ear and answers with adjustments and therapy to return you to your "A game".
      There is a reason they have been voted # 1 with Austin athletes."
      Karen, 2009
    • "In 30 years of body work in California, Japan, and Austin, Lisa Ott ranks in the top 3 I've ever had. She relieved and old dance injury that i had seen doctors, chiropractors, and physical therapist for to no avail."
      Iumi Richard-Crow, 2007

      1. Relaxed Atmosphere & Enviroment.
      2. Dr. Sellers cares about his patients and always remembers what you told him in a previous session.
      3. Very friendly and interactive staff.
      4. Staff is very knowledgeable.
      5. Massage Therapist On-Site.
      6. All equipment is in good condition and working.
      7. Sports conscious & sports oriented.
      8. They support the athletic community.
      9. The staff is on of the reasons I enjoy coming to Performance Wellness.

      10. Did I mention the staff ;).
      Shayla Neris

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